100 Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks


Pack of 100 Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks.


How Does Wearing A 3-Ply Disposable, Face Mask Keep My Family Safe During This Pandemic?

Great question! A lot of people ask that.

The Covid-19 virus is spread by aerosols or droplets that are expelled from the respiratory system of an infected person when the sneeze, cough, sing or talk. These droplets containing the virus are then inhaled by anyone nearby and they will invariably become infected with Covid-19.


A face mask presents a barrier to any virus in the air gaining the respiratory track of anyone nearby. It reduces the risk of an aerosolised viral infection. A-3-ply face mask has 3 layers of protective non-woven fabric in the mask so the virus has to cross 3 barriers before reaching the respiratory tract of a person wearing one. This effectively provides the wearer with increased protection.

This face mask has the following features:

  1. It is disposable.
  2. It’s ear bands are soft and comfortable to wear.
  3. The fabric is porous and allows circulation of air.
  4. It’s 3-ply design means that it has a very high chance of trapping any air borne germ, which can then be binned when the mask is disposed of.
  5. It comes in a pack of 100.
  6. Available in 5 colours, viz blue, green, white, black, pink
  7. It is made from non-woven, melt-blown fabric.