Portable Ultrasound


Dual-head, pocket Doppler ultrasound device for clinicians for use with iOS and Android devices. Can capture clinical images, video clips and detailed measurements in seconds.

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Dual-head, wireless, full-body, portable Doppler ultrasound device for clinical use. iOS and Android compatible.

Multifunction probe with 3 transducer types – phased array, curvilinear & vascular probes.

5 imaging modes:

  1. B-Mode
  2. M-Mode
  3. Colour Doppler
  4. Power Doppler
  5. Pulsed-wave Doppler

Adjustable Depths & Frequencies

  • 8 adjustable depths: 20mm/40mm/60mm/90mm/100mm/160mm/220mm/305mm

  • 4 Switchable frequencies: 3.5MHz/5MHz/7.5MHz/10MHz
  • Flexible noise settings to fit the best of image quality

Extensive image gallery available to use as reference for users.


Each Package Contains:

  • One multifunction Probe/Scanner

  • Wireless Charger x1
  • Mobile phone/Tablet Stand x1
  • User Manual
  • 18-Month Warranty¬†¬†