MediVac: Asia & Oceania To Australia


This service is for medical evacuations for patients in all countries of the South Pacific and Oceania to hospitals in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia.



To be eligible for this service, you need to be registered on MedPerson and have had at least one consultation with your MedPerson doctor.  It is the doctor who after assessing your clinical condition, orders the air ambulance for your urgent evacuation to a hospital in Australia.

A further eligibility criterium is for the pick-up point to be within 200 miles of an airport.

We aim to commence all medical evacuations within 24 hours of receiving payment.  You will receive notification of exact times and place once you have placed an order. Please note that all cancellations after an order has been placed will incur a 50% penalty.  Cancellations within 4 (four) hours of the evacuation time will incur a 100% charge as the aircraft will already be en-route from Australia or have arrived at the local airport near the pick-up point.