Delivering A Patient-Driven World Health Service.

MedPerson Live is a global community of medical doctors. We are present in most countries and territories of the world. We use broadband to  provide medical consultation and advice, to people in remote locations who do not have ready access to a doctor or physician, or simply to people who find online consultation more convenient.

To get an opinion from a doctor, you would be required to complete an online registration.  This will include your providing a brief medical history.  There are doctors from all clinical specialties in our group.


You may also visit our online store for other services.


The first time you use this platform, you will be required to confirm your submitted registration form by making a payment. This creates your medical file and entitles you to purchase other services.

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Routine Consultation

A routine medical consultation will typically last for about 15 minutes.  At the end of your consultation, you may be issued with an ePrescription or given a form for laboratory tests or radiology investigations, or you may be referred to a specialist for further clinical assessment.


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Specialist Opinion

There are specialist consultations in all clinical specialties.
If you are unsure of the type of specialist you need to see, kindly choose General Practice/Family Medicine.  Your family doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialist.
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